Creative Director & Strategist


About me


Astrid is an extremely accomplished multidisciplinary Creative Director with over 10 years experience in the creative industry. 

Her latest role as Founder and Creative Director of Perch & Parrow led her to create and launch the new online e-commerce brand and website for a large B2B furniture group looking to sell B2C within a year and half. There, she managed all aspects of creating an online e-commerce business – from establishing a vision, buying and designing as well as hiring and managing a team of 8 from all disciplines - briefing designers, copy writers and editing content for marketing and social media.

Prior to this, she was Creative Director of Swoon Editions, one of the most successful furniture e-commerce retailers in the UK. There, she built a new visual look & styling department.

Her “swiss knife” approach to creative projects enables her to oversee multiple aspects of brands and channels - as well as intertwine the conceptual and the commercial.

Working with a close team of graphic designers, marketers, product designers, UX/ UI designers, stylists, videographers and photographers; projects range from creating brands from scratch to retail design, visual merchandising, interior design, advertising, PR and website design.

Clients include Dulux, Maggie & Rose, Swoon Editions, Taj Hotels, Homes & Gardens, Living Etc, English Heritage, Didi Ilse, Marks & Spencer, Perch & Parrow