Creative Director & Strategist

Perch & Parrow

I created and launched a homeware brand & online shopping destination within one year.

Business Strategy - Product Design - Digital Design - Branding - Social - Buying - Content

The challenge

The interiors market is a compettive landscape. I was hired to strategise and create a new homeware brand for an already existent B2B business looking to appeal directly to the UK customer market and cut out the “middle man”.

The Concept/ Strategy

Using the existent B2B business as a base, I currated a range of larger “traditional” products to be complimented by smaller, more modern and fun accessories as well as an exclusive upholstery set to outshine the competition. The ratio between “in-house” products and new ones remained financially interesting for the investors yet attractive for potential customers. On top of this, the drive for an online presence was cattered for by the creation of an online content platform aimed at our defined target audience. Our instagram and facebook accounts were also highly currated to fit the easthetic vision of the brand.

The output

> A full magento powered e-commerce website

> An appealing and aspirational brand

> A range of 370 products

> 2300 upholstery fabric options, showcased through clever UX & UI design

> A core team of 8 people with the same passion and drive

> A fully operational company (from finance to customer service)

> New and exclusive upholstery pieces made in the UK

> High PR traffic (mentioned in over 20 magazines over the first 3 months)

> £160K revenue in 3 months.